Been a long time comin’…


I am still here. I just haven’t been posting or updating for quite some time. I have been getting acclimated to my new surroundings here at world-famous Spruce Creek Fly-In. I gotta say that this is the best place on earth for an aviator to live. It is also a very humbling place. I have met some truly amazing people here. I mentioned to my friend Gene McNeely in a note that I kinda feel like a bat boy at the World Series of aviation.

We’re known here as “Creekers.” I fly a lot now that I’m here. Hitching a ride is easy since these guys fly several days a week for sheer pleasure. I show up with a GoPro and I am almost guaranteed a ride! Yes, I’ll be sharing the videos here now that I am back on. I want to thank everyone who has subscribed and I will be getting new stuff up now. I say now because I have been saying soon for too long. The time has come! I’ll preview a few things to come. First, I’ll be rolling out a regular post weekly. I have several projects to share including the restoration of an SX 300 that caught on fire just prior to take off. There will be an ongoing story and photos. Another project is the re-assembly of a Romanian IAR 823. I’ll also be throwing in some stuff about a 90% scale Spitfire replica powered by a V-8 Chevy crate engine! I’ll even have video of the dozen plane formation I flew in last Friday –shot from the back of the pack in the 11th position. And you guessed it… much, MUCH more!


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