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Okay, so what is this site about? You will note that wing nut has a space between the words and is not a compound word (except in the case of the url). This is because the words have to do with enthusiasm for aviation as opposed to your run-of-the-mill wingnut. However, it is an obvious play on the word and I do play it up as evidenced by the portfolio photos under the slider bar.

I thought I would make this first post an introductory one. I will add the site mission statement to a more static or permanent place later. For now, I just want to get this thing up and running. So, here we go. I will be adding pages in the near future that correspond with the subject matter contained on them. For instance, I will have a maintenance how-to page called THE HANGAR. The page that handles information about instruments and avionics will be on the FLIGHT DECK or RADIO RACK. This way, those who know a little about what they want to read can have a good chance to find the related information and those who are newer to aviation can learn a bit of basic terminology.

I also plan to have a RECONNAISSANCE page that has some amazing photos of aviation related content I have either photographed myself or found along my journeys. Am not currently a licensed pilot, but I do fly with others relatively frequently and for that I will create a page under the RECONNAISSANCE page called THE GUN CAMERA. These obviously will be pictures I have taken while flying or pictures others have sent to me while they were flying. Oh yeah, there will definitely be videos too!

That brings me to a reminder. I plan to have many contributors to the site. Maybe even you if you like. I put a note over my prop-wash shots asking you to prove that you are a wing nut too. I wasn’t kidding. I really want to add some fun stuff. Be aware that I will not post pictures of obviously dangerous activities. I don’t want to get into the one-up game and have somebody really get hurt. That means don’t even bother sending them. Aviation is the safest industry in the world and I want to keep it that way. The only possible exceptions to this rule will be for professionals who are cleared by the FAA for what they do in, on, or around aircraft. It will be subject to my review and final determination whether to publish is solely my decision.

That’s about it for the moment. Please be aware that I am brand new to this realm of communication and it may take time before I get things properly organized and such. I have to set up ways for readers or followers of this site to submit content and a whole bunch of other stuff. I hope you’ll have fun with the site and won’t be too critical of my mistakes as I learn.

That’s it for now. Please enjoy and BE SAFE!

Talon Rayne,

Original Wing Nut


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